Thursday, August 20, 2015

No word on the testing as of yet but I have a feeling it's going to be pretty good.  I should know something soon and hopefully have a job by next week.  What a blessing and relief.

Sooooo, I have to put my update/tag video into 2 clips and you wouldn't believe what I had to go though to put those together.  My new SD card won't format and i was going to lose it all.  I'm switching back to the older card until I get a newer computer.

Parent teacher meeting tonight.  Mattson was so upset that they took her teacher away and she was moved to another class.  She seems to be transitioning pretty well.  There are bullies in that new class she WAS relieved to be away from for the first time.  She seems to be handling pretty well so far this week.  We shall see.  All I can do is educate her on how she will have to deal with lifes lessons.  We want to protect our children but the best was is arming them with the best knowledge we can to survive in an uncertain world.

SHOUT OUT to Cyndi (Stitchin Fisch) for making new videos.  How brave and Keri (Kitty Krew) for not giving up.  I love you guys and would watch you two no matter what.  Just remember that no matter what, the good will always out weigh the bad and your support with the group is on going.


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